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Your Next Mattress Lumbar Cool Mattress Collection For Your Chronic Sleep Pain

Lumbar Cool Mattress For Your Chronic Sleep Pain

  • Improved Sleep Quality by 62%
  • Reduced Chronic Pain by 55%
  • Improved Sleep Comfort by 71%
  • Reduced Back and Body Stiffness by 51%

 Chronic pain makes it tough to focus on every day activities such as work, play and even sleep.
    Many doctors today recommend their patients buy a mattress that will reduce the stress on the bodies frame. While Tempur-Pedic is the biggest know brand, we have to realize mattress retailers don't specialize in chronic pain and only offer mattresses made for the average consumer for profit based sales.
 We offer a unique approach and focus on our friends chronic pain by crafting mattresses to take the pressure off the affected areas of the body. a cooler sleep system is important when dealing with chronic pain. in efforts to relieve the chronic inflammation or swelling of the body. Proper support and alignment is essential . If your experiencing pain or numbness on a daily basis then it's time to get the right mattress fitted to your specific needs. Research shows, if your muscles stay in cramped position, conditions worsen over time, but when they reach the perfect relaxed state the body begins to work towards the healing process.
 Consumers are better shoppers today with advancements in technology, information is easy to get, at the same time having good information without being taken advantage just to get you into a store salesman that would never have any clue what is better based on your condition.

Wholesale Cost Plus 10%

(Avg Cost $300, $400, $500, $600)

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