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About EasyPay Gold – Furniture Store Credit Financing

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 up to $25,000 Financing

-up to 60 months to pay based on purchase

-Extra low payments
-Fast Approval
-Credit Check Financing
-Low down payment for best rates
-Credit Re-builder program
-Slow credit approved with at least 90 days good history
-New credit or bankruptcy Approved if current 

 Example Payment: $3000 Loan – Pay $99 a month avg.

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When you apply below, put as little as $5 down or $50 for best rates. Delivery up to 150 miles…

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  • If married you have the right to apply for credit separately from or jointly with your spouse. Do not furnish information concerning your spouse unless your spouse will be contractually obliged on this account or you are relying on your spouse’s income as a basis for repayment of the credit requested.
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