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My Gramps, My Hero and Bomber Pilot with a whole world of wisdom for everyone. Lt. Col Arthur J. Staveley born April 12, 1914 – 2008

My Gramps, My Hero and Bomber Pilot with a whole world of wisdom for everyone

Lt. Col Arthur J. Staveley born April 12, 1914 - 2008

I hope everyone has a "Gramps", a  "Paw Paw", even "Pa Pa" and if you don't you can borrow mine as I always think of him as a hero to everyone. I'm grown up now with a family, and one day I realized I had more wisdom than I know what to do with. so I would like to share it with friend or two,  

Either legend has it or perhaps tall tales told to me when I was a young boy, but know this that If you feel sad, lonely, or even best yet' depressed, there's a light at the end of a tunnel. If you would take a special moment to walk down memory lane with me, you too may come up with a few quotes of your own, and we would love to hear them in the comments below. 

As a young boy I lived with My Gramps, My Hero but during those days I remember being awoken by a bunch of commotion going on outside my bedroom door, and of course it was my good ol' Gramps singing,dancing, hopping and skipping as annoying as he could be. Being woke up at 12 pm noon. I mean "who does that to a teenager" none the less I would hear these awful words and I mean everyday single day. he'd say "It's a beautiful day, the birds are singing", "The sun is shining", rise up to a new day. Live as if every day is the best day of your life. I mean "seriously",  a memory that will be etched into my mind for eternity.. and then there was his famous saying "if you put one foot in front of the other", or how about this one, I mean "if you make one single accomplishment everyday, no matter how big or how small, you will become successful" and he would say it all the time, I mean who really does this to a kid?? of course everyday I rebelled just listening to the words over and over and for a lifetime. Guess what happens when you get old?? Right. 

My Gramps passed at age 94 but he left a legacy, to me and to the men he served with, and the fight of a lifetime as he was a hero to all in the United States Air Force. He served most his life in world war II and many others and even after being shot and held captive, as a prisoner in Romania, being tortured and beaten for the cause to protect all of us. My Gramps, "Paw Paw" always remembered each and every one of the men under his command, especially those that perished in war, every single person he touched in his life. The memories of each of them he would remember with a quote. When he was in a moment, he could hear the voices of his men giving him the recipe to each of those precious quotes and tall tales he would always share me.

 He made each and everyone of his accomplishments one day at a time, and he only had to put one foot in front of the other to do it. He was never nervous and when he looked into someones eyes it's like they felt him from the heart and as he approached strangers, I mean anywhere and they never thought he was weird, except me of course. I use to watch him as he'd look in there eyes and say "you are a beautiful person", "you're very special to everyone you meet", "your going to succeed in everything you do and all you have to do is put one foot in front of the other." Who knew, Right.!  and my all time favorite was he could look you straight on and say "I love you, and you're the perfect mate for my grandson". You see being successful doesn't have to have anything to do with money. It's such a wonderful and beautiful way to live and I just wanted to share my Gramps with my friends...

 It's no lie I started out in life as a young man being negative, or I would get the negative vibes from my own parents, so naturally we look back and take notice and grow into the lifestyle, The most simple emotion one can have is negativity simple said "you don't have to do anything to feel that way". To have a positive outlook means you actually have to make a move, to put one foot into the other taking baby steps along the way, as soon you too will be a legend. a hero in someones eye, looking back at you...

I am now 50 and I smile looking back, everyday as I awake to my sunshine, my wife of 30 years, and as I sip my coffee, I start to feel everyone of those quotes. I realized as I took those baby steps thru life I eventually found myself wanting to teach those same words of wisdom, to my family, my employees and customers that wander thru my store.  "I only wish we could have done it together", hopped, skipped, danced and sang all the same words, just so I could show him all the wisdom he's taught me and I never realized it until late. Now I have a legacy of my own, as they call me Mr. Jimmy, I am proud to be here, I had 5 blockages a few years back. my heart is perfect but things will never be the same, with slight onset of dementia. I just wanted to remember this special moment. Thank You, Mr. Jimmy Joliet, Owner Barter Post Since July 15, 2010

To me he is the most interesting man I'll ever know, and in his life time he was known to have married a very famous movie star which was lets say "short lived". He was the best b-52 bomber pilot and leader of his time. He was the most respected as he served in the United States Air Force. He was held in the highest re-guards to so many politicians as he shook hands at the White House and given the many honors and badges like, even the purple heart. He has passed and his words are comforting.


If interested in a good read, as war time stories, my Gramps is mentioned with him and his bomber pilot buddies: 

The War of the Cottontails: Memoirs of a WW II Bomber Pilot by Bomber Pilot William Cubbins one of his longest friends 


My Gramps was my hero, he also was an officer of the United States Air Force Bomber Pilot Lieutenant Colonel Arthur J. Staveley 

Written by Jimmy Joliet 04/03/2019 


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